3merged in 1999 from silent sighs and memories
of a future nostalgia, 3rynnia has been observing,
recording, singing and yearning in her
all consuming passion pit

rare live performances from 2004-2011 include
concerts in austria (linz, vienna) and france

initially appearing under the name Erynnia
(as an homage to the infamous greek Erinyes),
she transformed into 3rynnia after her rebirth in 2011,
thus incorporating the number of her
birth, aim and substance

3rynnia has worked with various musicians and
artists from austria, germany, the US and britain
throughout the years and is inclined to
continue to do so

All inquiries: fury_eryn (at) gmx.net


  • (2005) Erynnia - "PDA", EP (CD)
  • (2007) Erynnia - "Cavern of Victory", EP (CD)
  • (2009) Erynnia - "Phantoms I0", free download on bleak.com
  • (2010) Erynnia - "Ares Tropine", double album (CD)
  • Trilogy “Ever-After-Over”
  • (2011) 3rynnia - "I saW Was I" = "Ever", EP (digital)
  • (2013-2015) 3rynnia - "Adonis Vernalis" / Tajna Krew = "After", EP (digital)
  • (2016-2018 - in progress) 3rynnia - Nayad Laima = “Over”

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